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Our growing range of products includes immunoassay buffers and reagents, Western Blot and ELISA substrates, protein purification/ separation agarose resins, protein markers and biochemicals. We are committed to assist scientists by offering tools and reagents that contribute to reproducible results at honest price and drive scientific discovery like a walk in the park.

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At Proteostem, we strive to develop and distribute high quality and reliable protein research tools, proficient technical support, rapid global shipping, latest and authentic data that inspire our customers to discover full protein potential and drive scientific breakthrough in proteomic research.

Our R&D division is teamed up with experienced and qualified researchers who recognize the importance of lot-to-lot consistency and accurate results for all scientists. We also understand the technical dffculties and challenges dealing with proteomic research and will assist you with professional support and simplified assay to ramp up your research work flow.

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Latest News

  • We’re glad to announce the launch of AbBlot Nitrocellulose and PVDF Transfer Membranes. Nitrocellulose membrane is a popular matrix often used for transfer of proteins and nucleic acids due to their high protein-binding affinity. PVDF (Polyvinyl difluoride) membrane is hydrophobic, microporous and often used for......

  • Protein marker is an essential tool to assess the molecular weight of your proteins. Normally composed of purified proteins with known molecular weight, it is often used to estimate protein size when run on a gel during electrophoresis, as well as monitor the progress of......

  • Blocking is an essential step in immunoassays which is imperative to reduce background, false results, interference and prevent nonspecific binding. Blocking allows saturation of free binding capacities of the surfaces by covering it with a layer of molecules without gaps. There are different types of......

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